A word from our founder, David Groverman

Hello! My name is David Groverman.

Along with my partners, I developed Plaza Allegheny and La Placita Mercado. In 2016 after assembling several properties on Allegheny Avenue, we broke ground and built Plaza Allegheny. Anchored by a supermarket, the shopping center was initially 80,000 square feet, but now includes 432 West Allegheny Avenue, where Legacy Furniture and Acelero DayCare are located, as well as La Placita Mercado indoor marketplace on 2nd Street.

When initially conceived many people were skeptical that a suburban-style shopping center would be able to survive in one of the roughest sections of Philadelphia. I am happy to report that only did it survive, but it has become the center of the revitalization of the Fairhill community!

When I started this project the neighborhood was a very distressed area. Our site backs up to the Conrail tracks, and underneath the 2nd street bridge, there was a shack housing the “doctor’s” office. For a mere $2 he would shoot up his “patients”!

Unfortunately, while the area has improved, we are still dealing with the ravages of homelessness, drug addiction, and poverty. In future blogs, I will address my views, and propose some solutions, for these problems.

Today I just wanted to introduce myself, and invite you to come and visit our revitalized urban shopping district at 236 West Allegheny Avenue.

-Sincerely, David Groverman

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